Work like you’re at home, Just as you like it

We combine hospitality with the best working tools so that you feel at home while doing business.

Soluciones Virtuales
More than members, guests.
Workspitality: where each member is treated like a guest.

Something that characterizes VAEO from other office services is our attention to detail, and that extends to the most important asset of business; our members.

Under our motto Workspitality, which combines hospitality with the best tools for working, we offer you workspaces genuinely focused on the needs each member and company has.

In VAEO, our goal is to exceed your expectations with our boutique spaces and the best services and attention, so you can fully focus on your business and making it grow.

Feel just like home

Make VAEO your second home. In addition to our comfortable common areas and welcoming business lounge available for you, we’ll always make sure you never miss your daily cup of coffee with a first-class coffee break service.

More than a company offering workspaces, our vision is to make you feel in a place where you can relax, share ideas and achieve all your goals with the best tools to take your business to the next level.

Welcome to VAEO Business Club!

More Networking Friends

Join our community of more than 200 companies, freelancers and entrepreneurs. We invite you to become an active assistant to our events, designed to create connections between our members guests.

We’d love you to become part of our community in a vibrant and positive atmosphere focused on our members’ growth.

Weekly events for our members guests
Soluciones Virtuales
Fruit Thursday Enjoy fresh fruits and infused water every Thursday.
Soluciones Virtuales
Beer Friday Beer and snacks, the perfect combo for our Fridays.
Soluciones Virtuales
VAEO Breakfast (every last day of the month) There is nothing better than to share ideas and connect with other members while enjoying a delicious breakfast.
Soluciones Virtuales
Additional Events In addition to our weekly events, we have special happenings on holidays such as our traditional Rosca de Reyes, New Year's toasts, business talks, among others. All these events, focused on making our workspace a meeting point for business connection.
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